Adding an item to the agenda of their Nov. 30 meeting, the board of the International High School unanimously approved a motion to apply for a $250,000 increase in the school’s line of credit. With expenses running about $190,000 a month, the money, bringing the school’s total line of credit to $425,000, would help alleviate potential cash flow problems as projected enrollment rises from 275 to 310 students.

While the Recovery School District will cover the added costs, the money won’t arrive until March. “This kind of situation would most likely persist every year until the school’s enrollment stabilized,“ said Anthony Amato, head of school, who was home sick but participated in the meeting by speakerphone.

On Nov. 7 members of the board, including Andrew Ward, chairman, met with Jefferson Parish officials to defend their application to create a new charter school in the parish. Like International High School, it would emphasize foreign languages. The board, called VIBE, is currently ranked second among seven applicants who have come forward with proposals to establish such a school in Jefferson Parish.

The board has also submitted a proposal to the Recovery School District to run a second school in Orleans Parish. This high school would be an “advanced path” institution aimed at “at-risk” populations — students who require alternative styles of education to keep them from dropping out or delaying graduation. The school would provide an ELL (English Language Learning) program for students, if needed. The board has yet to hear back from the RSD on the status of the proposal.

In other business, the board moved to approve Molly O’Miken as a full member. She was welcomed with much enthusiasm. Board member Maria George said she looks forward to interacting with O’Miken and the energy and new ideas she will bring to the board.