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Health Care Town Hall in Reserve…

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I guess she wants to go off the reservation. link

It seems odd that the Krewe of Truth is promoting this obvious attempt to discredit the public option making it sound like it is just a couple of happy go lucky guys looking for the truth.

Maybe they wouldn’t be so happy go lucky if they had to face the daily realities of living with NO health care options.

So take a look at the map and ask yourself why is this being held in the middle of a field and not where the majority of her constituents live and work.

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  • bwc111

    Two possible answers
    1. The people in the River Parishes don’t get much face time with Senator Landrieu.
    2. New Orleans is primarily democratic. I would think that the city is mostly pro health care reform.

  • JFW

    The work you’ve done in reporting on and saving our built landscape is remarkable and commendable. I’ll respectfully part ways with you on the proposed health care reform legislations. The prospect of government mandating what coverage I must buy, making me verify to government what coverage I have, and government penalizing me if I don’t do either of those things greatly frightens me. I would love for everyone to have good health care but not at the expense of taking freedoms from even one of us.

  • hndymn

    New Orleans may be heavily Democratic, but Mary L. has yet to declare her support for the public option—and I’m sure most Democrats in the city would like to question her about that.

  • I assume you know that Krewe of Truth often has skin in the game. They don’t hide it, but you do have to look for it:

    “This site is sponsored by the Brylski Company (www.brylskicompany.com) and your editorial contributions are welcome. Information is posted at the sole discretion of editor Cheron Brylski.”


    A Sample of Political Candidates Represented by the Brylski Company in Louisiana
    Former U.S. President Bill Clinton
    U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu
    U.S. Representative William Jefferson
    Former Governor Edwin Edwards
    The Late State Senator John Hainkel
    Former State Senator Paulette Irons
    State Representative Karen Carter
    Former City Councilwoman Peggy Wilson
    Former City Councilwoman Jackie Clarkson
    Former City Councilman Scott Shea
    The Late Councilman Roy Glapion
    Assessor Erroll G. Williams
    Former Assessor Ken Carter
    Former Assessor Pat Johnson
    Clerk of Court Dale Atkins
    Former District Attorney Harry Connick
    NO DUKES Campaign