Have you noticed these markings on the sidewalk and curbs?

4218 S Dorgenois

New bright orange paint, this is a way to tell which property is owned by the Louisiana Land Trust aka Road Home. These properties are going to end up in the hands of NORA and this week marks the first time we have seem them show up on the NCDC agenda scheduled for this coming Monday.

Here is a a sneak peek of what is on the agenda.

4218 S Dorgenois

Errr, isn’t this the kind of house we are supposed to build? A solid raised house with an unflooded top floor. This must be worth more than a vacant lot?

And this one

1705 S White

And this one that looks like it needs a little work…

1923 S Lopez

But this is just the start of the avalanche.

On a comical note notice the legal notice announcing the impending hearing in which they will discuss the intention to demolish this demolished property.

4933 S Roman

Karen Gadbois

Karen Gadbois co-founded The Lens. She now covers New Orleans government issues and writes about land use. With television reporter Lee Zurik she exposed widespread misuse of city recovery funds and led...