Squandered Heritage Vintage

Unreviewed Demolition

In spite of promises from the administration, including Dr. Blakley and The Director of Sanitation, Veronica White this house was demolished without review.

Those promises were made in Council Chambers. When Walter Gallas from the National Trust went to the podium to offer some clarity on FEMA regulations he was chastised by Dr. Ed Blakley and after that exchange Veronica White applauded. Her actions I would consider to be unacceptable. When City employees pack the Council Chambers and jeer the public and Council the opportunity for an open exchange is lost. And those of us who question the Administration are painted into a corner.

These last few days have illustrated the lengths that Ms White will go to to avoid revealing information about actions taken with public monies.

2919 Monroe

In this case the owner wanted the house demolished. They own the adjacent wrecking company and the areas surrounding it. Their industrial operation is surrounded by residential homes, which is always a delicate balance. In this case even more so because they have never reopened the wrecking yard and the brickyard has become an illegal dumping ground.

The owner was able to obtain a demolition permit during the Executive Order issued by the Mayor Post Gustav, this action was an abuse of power or an act of ignorance. There is no other explanation.

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  • e

    “These last few days have illustrated the lengths that Ms White will go to to avoid revealing information about actions taken with public monies.”

    It’s upsetting. The cavalier attitude with which the administration turns a blind eye to waste is so wrong. This city has very real issues and we need money to solve them. Our trash contracts are an issue that we can fix by SAVING money. That it’s somehow profane to request that we do so is beyond explanation.

  • Laureen

    It’s sinister and it makes me sick.

  • Breaks my heart. A perfect good house. You would think they could have sold it and had moved or at least taken apart and the materials reused.