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Let's break this down

As we have reviewed pondered and studied the City demolition program it all comes down to this

This house will continue to sit here as is.


While this house will be demolished.

8404 Belfast

Why you ask?

Because FEMA will not pay for the demolition of the first house but they will pay for the demolition of the second.

These 2 homes are owned by the same negligent property owner. So what would make sense is to use Code Enforcement to force the property owner to deal with his property. Instead the City continues to use FEMA money and guidelines, and the inaction of a negligent property homeowner to dictate the look of our Neighborhoods.

Sadly for this Neighborhood the property owner also owns this house which he has been trying to demolish for 2 years

8400 Belfast

Owner Name CHIN GIN S
Address ETALS 4824 CHURCH ST
City / State / Zip METAIRIE LA 70001

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  • Superdeformed

    HAHAHA augh.

    My brain hurts…

  • James Van Hoy

    The solution seems quite simple and doable. So what is the real problem? Do the folks in city govt. live in the city? Do they just not care? Is there another agenda? Who is really in charge here? What advantage or benefit accrues to someone for acting so “stupid”? Just wondering…..

  • The answer ..I wish I knew. I think it is the lure of [“free money” ]FEMA, and the lack of will by The Administration to understand what he is doing that will effect Neighborhoods forever.

    We keep beating this issue and we keep getting turned away.

  • Billygoat Park

    Who are the contractors the city has retained to do the FEMA-funded demos?

    Which firms or individuals have done the structural/environmental assessment of homes targeted for demo?

  • Superdeformed

    In other news… http://www.wwltv.com/topstories/stories/wwl100108cbfire.cce6a736.html

    Oh wait that house in eminent danger of bursting into flame, not collapse. MY BAD.

  • ClarkT

    “Which firms or individuals have done the structural/environmental assessment of homes targeted for demo?”

    Now there is a good question. A professional engineer somewhere is issuing some very suspect reports to the city. I wonder what kind of cut he gets on houses that are determined to be IDC?