8404 Belfast

Today the Mayor spoke at the City Council Recovery Meeting. Lot’s of kisses, lot’s of backslaps and lot’s of confusion. The Mayor was firm in his resolve to continue to enforce the Executive Order. And Dr. Blakley spoke about how important it was to maintain our Historic housing stock and all the while upstairs they were inputting demolition permits on the properties listed below.

One of these properties is around the corner from me, we fought to prevent it from being demolished. We also asked that there be a code enforcement judgement rendered against the property owner. A property owner who has 4 properties with a 2 block radius that he has bled dry and now just ignores them. So much for Code Enforcement, so much for Good Neighbor Programs so much for “listening”.

Of additional interest 2 permits to the RSD?

08BLD-06891, 1440 Tupelo, DRC

08BLD-06892, 2531 Winthrop, DRC

08BLD-06893, 2316 Winthrop, DRC

08BLD-06894, 6014 Urquhart, DRC

08BLD-06895, 5431 N Villere, DRC

08BLD-06896, 6309 Mckenna, DRC

08BLD-06898, 1605 St Anthony, DRC

08BLD-06899, 1027 St Maurice, DRC

08BLD-06900, 2622 St Maurice, DRC

08BLD-06901, 2004 Spain, DRC

08BLD-06902, 3005 Toulouse, DRC

08BLD-06904, 4167 Orleans, DRC

08BLD-06905, 1504 Gordon, DRC

08BLD-06906, 6408 Lafaye, Private

08BLD-06907, 3017 Toulouse, DRC

08BLD-06908, 2122 Feliciana, DRC

08BLD-06909, 2314 Clouet, DRC

08BLD-06910, 5809 Hamlin, DRC

08BLD-06911, 1617 Touro, DRC

08BLD-06912, 2501 Benton, DRC

08BLD-06913, 1633 Touro, DRC

08BLD-06914, 1308 S Lopez, Private

08BLD-06915, 2142 Louisa, DRC

08BLD-06916, 1639 Touro, DRC

08BLD-06917, 2609 Egania, DRC

08BLD-06918, 2501 Monticello, DRC

08BLD-06919, 5801 Melrose, DRC

08BLD-06921, 2422 Benton, DRC

08BLD-06922, 1411 Gordon, DRC

08BLD-06923, 2545 N Rocheblave, DRC

08BLD-06924, 2000 Delery, DRC

08BLD-06925, 2239 Almonaster, DRC

08BLD-06926, 5459 St Claude, DRC

08BLD-06927, 2627 Lamanche, DRC

08BLD-06928, 1211 Delery, DRC

08BLD-06929, 1922 Alabo, DRC

08BLD-06930, 2201 Feliciana, DRC

08BLD-06931, 1634 N Claiborne, DRC

08BLD-06932, 2462 N Johnson, DRC

08BLD-06933, 2317 Clouet, DRC

08BLD-06934, 1820 Andry, DRC

08BLD-06936, 1327 Alabo, DRC

08BLD-06937, 2473 N Johnson, DRC

08BLD-06938, 2427 Annette, DRC

08BLD-06939, 2108 Louisa, DRC

08BLD-06940, 1924 N Derbigny, DRC

08BLD-06941, 2832 N Prieur, DRC

08BLD-06942, 2360 N Robertson, DRC

08BLD-06944, 4179 Toulouse, DRC

08BLD-06945, 2315 Clouet, DRC

08BLD-06946, 2636 Lamanche, DRC

08BLD-06948, 1912 N Derbigny, DRC

08BLD-06949, 2231 Almonaster, DRC

08BLD-06951, 2216 Alabo, DRC

08BLD-06952, 1011 St Roch, DRC

08BLD-06953, 1400 St Maurice, DRC

08BLD-06955, 2530 A P Tureaud, DRC

08BLD-06956, 2423 New Orleans, DRC

08BLD-06957, 8404 Belfast, DRC

08BLD-06959, 3070 N Dorgenois, DRC

08COM-01610, 2137 Montegut, DRC

08COM-01611, 1831 Pauger, DRC

08COM-01612, 6429 Praro, DRC

08COM-01613, 1825 N Roman, DRC

08COM-01614, 1318 Annette, DRC

08COM-01615, 3312 N Roman, DRC

08COM-01617, 1339 Forstall, DRC

08COM-01618, 2513 3rd, Recovery School District

08COM-01619, 3422 Desaix, Recovery School District

08COM-01620, 1423 Marigny, DRC

Karen Gadbois

Karen Gadbois co-founded The Lens. She now covers New Orleans government issues and writes about land use. With television reporter Lee Zurik she exposed widespread misuse of city recovery funds and led...