Neighborhood Conservation District Committee

Meeting on May 5th , 2008

Public Notice

The Neighborhood Conservation District Committee of the City of New Orleans will hold its meeting on Monday, May 5th, 2008 at ntary2:00 p.m. at 1300 Perdido Street, City Hall in City Council Chambers on the 1st floor. This meeting is to review the following demolition applications submitted to the Department of Safety and Permits:



“2516-18 S. Johnson St”: *APPROVED*

“2223-27 Onzaga St”: *APPROVED*

2425-27 S. Derbigny St. *APPROVED*

“6309 N. Claiborne Ave”: *APPROVED*

“2339 Roffignac St”: *APPROVED*

“2233 Bartholomew St.”: *APPROVED*

3617 General Pershing (rear Bld.#2) *Approved earlier at City Council to make way for new School Bldg.*

“2767-65 Tulane Ave.”: *APPROVED*

“2763-61 Tulane Ave.”: *APPROVED*

“1913 Gentilly Blvd.”: *APPROVED*

“3221 Lowerline St.”: *WITHDRAWN*

“2611 Erato”:

Voluntary “2825-27 S.Johnson”:

Voluntary “5018 LaSalle”:

Voluntary 2624 N. Dorgenois

Voluntary “902 Alabo”: *Approved*

Voluntary “2242 Benton”:

Voluntary “1727 Desire”: *Approved*

Voluntary “2422 Deslonde”: *Approved*

Voluntary “1629-31 Deslonde”: *Approved*

Voluntary “1212 Forstall”: *APPROVED*

“1419 Forstall”: *APPROVED*

Voluntary “5318 N.Johnson”:

“3129 N.Miro”: *APPROVED*

Voluntary “2636 Piety”: *APPROVED*

Voluntary “2259-61 Cambronne”: *APPROVED*

“3212 Live Oak”: *APPROVED*

Voluntary “3218 Live Oak”: *APPROVED*

Voluntary “8733 Olive”: *APPROVED*

Voluntary “3506 Derby”: *Approved*

Voluntary “1858 N. Dorgenois”: *Approved*

Voluntary “2724 Hamilton”: *Approved*

Voluntary “1915 N.Tonti”: *WITHDRAWN*

IHT “213 S. Johnson”: *WITHDRAWN*

IHT “2504 S.Johnson”:

IHT “2023 Washington”:


IHT “3917 N.Derbigny”: *DENIED*

IHT “3139 N.Dorgenois”: *APPROVED*

IHT “5226 Florida”: *APPROVED*

IHT “6223 Law”: *APPROVED*

IHT “3029-31 Law”: *APPROVED*

IHT “1540 Poland”: *APPROVED*

IHT “1409-11 Poland”: *WITHDRAWN*

IHT “2911 Audubon”: *APPROVED*

IHT “2612-14 S. Dorgenois”: *WITHDRAWN*

IHT “4101-03 N.Claiborne”: *Denied*

IHT “5426-28-30 N.Galvez”: *DENIED*

IHT 3521/3701-03 S.Tonti/General Taylor *defer*

Karen Gadbois

Karen Gadbois co-founded The Lens. She now covers New Orleans government issues and writes about land use. With television reporter Lee Zurik she exposed widespread misuse of city recovery funds and led...