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HCDRC Appeal by the Sanitation Department

For some reason this City appears to be bound and determined to bulldoze houses.

At the HCDRC hearing on Jan 14th we protested the decision to demolish 29 of the 91 demolitions proposed.

Now the Sanitation Department in concert with Dr.Edward Blakley is appealing those denials to City Council.

Blakley Letter

Our arguments were based on Structural integrity as well as evidence of work being done. even the so called Voluntary demolitions are suspect, because many people signed up for demolitions when the media and FEMA was spreading the fear of black mold and inevitability of demolition. Pure propaganda, since many of our homes here are made with cypress and plaster and are easily remediated.

7011 Oleander

8325 S.Claiborne

8639 Colapissa

9427 Colapissa

2821 Eagle

8724 Edinburgh

9108 Forshey

8630-32 Forshey

8821-23 Heaton

2029 Almonaster

1708-10 Bartholemew

2522 Eagle

9020 Forshey

8924 Palm

2324 Port

3815 2nd

3604 2nd

2314-16 Louisa

2421-23 Music

3605 3rd

3611 4th

2648 AP Tureaud

“3707-09 N.Claiborne”:

2708-10 S. Derbigney

2100 Desire

1417-19 Desire

1636 Feliciana

3164 Florida

1220-22 S. Genois

2327 George Nick Connor

2552-54 Peace Court

2566-68 Peace Court

2427-29 Republic

4820-22 Thalia

2526 Touro

2421-23 Touro

2431-33 AP Tureaud

2029 Conti

“3028-30 Touro”:

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  • urbanrenewal2

    8325 S. Claiborne is a City adjudicated property with health liens dating back to 1994, a good example of the City’s failure to redevelop. So don’t blame Katrina or HCDRC. Technically, this property shouldn’t even qualify for FEMA funds.

    During the Good Neighbor program, neighborhood associations submitted lists of houses in need of demolition and some of these didn’t make Blakely’s list. Ignore the neighborhood – now that’s “prolonging the recovery process.” If a neighborhood association is not in favor of a demolition, Blakely should not push it forward.

    It would be great if someone could go check out these blocks and post photos. Last time, many blocks had houses down the street that were worst hazards, but not on the list.