For some reason this City appears to be bound and determined to bulldoze houses.

At the HCDRC hearing on Jan 14th we “protested the decision”: to demolish 29 of the 91 demolitions proposed.

Now the Sanitation Department in concert with Dr.Edward Blakley is appealing those denials to City Council.

Blakley Letter

Our arguments were based on Structural integrity as well as evidence of work being done. even the so called Voluntary demolitions are suspect, because many people signed up for demolitions when the media and FEMA was spreading the fear of black mold and inevitability of demolition. Pure propaganda, since many of our homes here are made with cypress and plaster and are easily remediated.

“7011 Oleander”:

“8325 S.Claiborne”:

“8639 Colapissa”:

“9427 Colapissa”:

“2821 Eagle”:

“8724 Edinburgh”:

“9108 Forshey”:

“8630-32 Forshey”:

“8821-23 Heaton”:

“2029 Almonaster”:

“1708-10 Bartholemew”:

“2522 Eagle”:

“9020 Forshey”:

“8924 Palm”:

“2324 Port”:

“3815 2nd”:

“3604 2nd “:

“2314-16 Louisa”:

“2421-23 Music”:

“3605 3rd”:

“3611 4th”:

“2648 AP Tureaud”:

“3707-09 N.Claiborne”:

“2708-10 S. Derbigney”:

“2100 Desire”:

“1417-19 Desire”:

“1636 Feliciana”:

“3164 Florida”:

“1220-22 S. Genois”:

“2327 George Nick Connor”:

“2552-54 Peace Court”:

“2566-68 Peace Court”:

“2427-29 Republic”:

“4820-22 Thalia”:

“2526 Touro”:

“2421-23 Touro”:

“2431-33 AP Tureaud”:

“2029 Conti”:

“3028-30 Touro”:

Karen Gadbois

Karen Gadbois co-founded The Lens. She now covers New Orleans government issues and writes about land use. With television reporter Lee Zurik she exposed widespread misuse of city recovery funds and led...