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Happy New Year

The Times Picayune had a piece on the HCDRC today.

I had some concern about the article till I turned to the Public Notice section of the paper

There were many address but one jumped out at me because I have been worried about this house for some time.
1574-76 N.Dorgenois
1574-76 N.Dorgenois

Now according to the paper this house could be demolished in 30 days. See what we are dealing with here?

Here is the “notice” for this property. Also note the Toll Free number where you call and they do not know what you are talking about.

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  • Amy

    I used to pass this house every day and I love it very much. Have you found the owner? I’m so sad.

  • Still looking for her

  • Abby

    Is the owner aware that this is slated for demolition? Or did the owner request that it be demolished? Is there any ostensible explanation or justification for tearing this house down?

    Argh, argh, argh. This house is so beautiful.

  • bayoustjohndavid

    This is criminal. No sticker is visible in the picture, they’re not required to put some kind of notice on, or in front of, the building?

  • This house is a mystery. There is also a structure in the backyard that is falling down but has a different municipal address.

    Both the primary residence and the outbuilding have been listed on the FEMA website.

    What does that mean? A number of things, the owner may have applied for a demo, the owner may have applied for a demo of the out building OR FEMA may have screwed up, or the City, which provided addresss to FEMA may have screwed up.

    The addresses published in the Times Picayune were in 2 catagories. 1 was Imminent Health Threat {over grown grass, not gutted etc. The other catatgory is Imminent Collapse, which pretty much is self explanatory. This house is on the Imminent Collapse list.

    If we had a functioning City Government you could call the toll free number that they published in the paper and get some information, instead you call the number and they don’t know what you are talking about.

  • bobbi

    OMG – that is horrible… that house is beautiful. What about the neighbors? Does anyone know her situation?

  • sarah

    Has a progress been made on this? I guarantee that the collapsing out building is what the city intends to demolish and they screwed up the address. Someone needs to contact the demo and debris folks at FEMA, send them this photo showing that the house has no storm damage and challenge the demolition. Explain that the house does not qualify for a federally funded demolition because there is no visible storm damage. Be persistent and don’t let those demo/debris folks say that it qualifies.