Squandered Heritage Vintage

Imminent Health Threat Banks Street

The City reposted another list of Imminent Health Threat demolitions.

3615 Banks St.
3814 Banks St.
3816 Banks St.
“4037 Banks St.”:
4402 Banks St
2325-27 Banks St.
2415-17 Banks St
2830-32 Banks St.
3008-10 Banks St.
3612-14 Banks St.
4526-28 Banks St

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  • Amy

    Am I missing something? Why are these buildings on the imminent danger list?

  • Some of these properties are on the list by request of the owner. Others are not.

    Hopefully the City will be presenting a better articulated plan soon.

  • Why is 4037 in “quotes”?

  • To remind me to go back and re shoot it..Kind of like a post it .

  • Marna David

    My husband and I renovating the house next to 2830/32 Banks St…which we see is on the demo list (imminent health hazard). I’m guessing that this is the owner’s request. So. Do we know when this will happen (approx)? Will it be deconstructed or just thrown away? Then, what happens with the lot?
    What a shame.
    Marna David

  • I don’t think this one is on the list by Owners Request

    The Imminent Health Threat IHT properties were garnered from the Good Neighbor List.

    The City has identified these properties to demolish but the property owner will still own the land.

    So the negligent homeowner will now become a negligent landowner.

    I have to double check and see where this is in the process. It may have been denied.

  • BillygoatPark

    I have seen owners, on several occasions, working on 2325-2327. The house remains structurally sound but it does happen to sit on a an exceptionally large and desirable lot in the VA footprint. I doubt that this is a voluntary or warranted demolition. Why would someone plant new landscaping if they were not in the process of working on the house?