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Bienville Imminent Threat

This is a map we created using the listings in the paper from the Imminent threat list.

When this program began there was discussion about properties being gutted and boarded and the worst would be torn down.

On this trip down Bienville I saw 2 that were clearly damaged beyond repair.

2224 Bienville

2323 Bienville

But as always there are the houses with plumb roof lines and appear to be maintained and or under repair.

3108-10 Bienville

2733-35-37-39 Bienville

And others tell a story of loopholes.

This house was reviewed by the HCDRC and denied, the owner then decided he would force the property into a health hazard situation so the City would “blight” it and demolish.

2415-17 Bienville

The aggregate effect on Bienville remains to be seen. And this is just one of many tragic Streets. Today we are visiting Banks St.

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