Housing Conservation District Review Committee
10 a.m. June 25, 2007
Room 7E07, 7th Floor, City Hall

*7231 Dixon,7200 Drexel,943 S.Telemachus,7440 Stroelitz APPROVED*

*The rest are Deferred for 30 days so Xavier may meet with the Neighborhood*

Xavier University wants to tear all these buildings down in the Gert Town neighborhood.

1003 S. Clark Street——————————4816 Drexel Drive

4836 Drexel Dr————————————-971 S. Telemachus St

965 S. Telemachus——————————–943 S. Telemachus St

4921 Dixon St————————————-4937 Dixon St

947 S. Cortez St———————————–934 S. Cortez St

922 S. Cortez St————————————910 S. Cortez St

5004 Howard Ave———————————4934 Howard Ave

4916 Howard Ave——————————–4836 Howard Ave

4824 Howard Ave——————————–7231 Dixon St

7200 Drexel Dr———————————–7440 Stroelitz St

7940 Washington Ave This Is the Nicest House on the HCDRC Demolition Agenda for Xavier University, I See it almost everyday from Carrollton Avenue, such a nice house for Gert Town.