Squandered Heritage Vintage

326 Fairway Drive (Lakewood South, by the N.O Country Club)

Housing Conservation District Review Committee Meeting
Monday, April 9th, 2007
10a.m. Room 7E07


320 was the correct address and that demolition was approved

326 fairway drive

326 Fairway Dr. Applicant City of New Orleans Housing Unit Demolition Task Force has applied for owner Wayne Miller to demolish this brick ranch to be replaced with a vacant lot.

This house had been on the March 26 HCDRC agenda but no one showed up so the demolition request was deferred. I guess someone did not go through the proper city review process because this house has already been demolished.

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  • Paul Christmann

    Not sure where this info came from, but the “326” is a typo. Check the notes posted on this site from the March 26th meeting where this property was discussed. The address is 306, and the house is still (unfortunately, IMHO) standing.

  • The original information came thru as a 326. I attended the meeting and 320 was discussed and approved. I will amend it on the original post. thanks

  • Leon Reymond

    Actually, Mr. Christmann is correct. The address should be 306 Fairway Drive and not 320 or 326. 306 Fairway is a brick ranch house owned by Miller Building Co., Inc.

  • Thanks..the agenda is created at Safety and Permits.