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Sunday Funnies {Mid City Edition}

A few months ago I saw a house that almost made me faint. The singular achitectural style and audacity was something I never thought I would see again.

Well it seems that the style has caught on. Today while driving around I saw this on another street in Mid City.

The Sister House to S.Alexander

Cement seems to be the muse in this instance. The Town Home, driveway,effect leading you in leaves a lasting impression.

One of the Neighbors asked me if I knew what the “thing on top” was for. Sorry to say I do not.

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  • randall

    Is it the same owner doing this?

  • Justin Schmidt

    Just for the record. I had nothing to do with either of these houses!!!! Contrary to popular belief, not even I am capable of this.


  • I would never suspect you on this one.

    And here is why, the person who built this “thinks” it is beautiful.

    And I would even guess they are not from here.Employing Architectural Forensics.,I would hazard a guess. And that is Mexico.

    Mexicans loves stucco and cement. They use wood less frequently as a main building source.

    This could never be the work of a New Orleanian.

  • randall

    Justin I did not suspect you of this either. Karen that Mexican idea is a real good one because i know id city has a large Spanish population.

  • Having spent some time in Mexico, I would have to agree with you. Looks just like many homes in Rosarito.

  • Carmen

    Maybe they can rent out the top portion for billboard space: RECALL NAGIN fits perfectly.

  • What the F—???

  • What the?

    Hijo de puta!

  • Christ. Stop the insanity.

  • This post will be included in today’s edition of the “Carnival of Hurricane Relief.” See:

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  • Chris

    This house is somewhere on the 500 block of S. Telemachus. Turn left on Baudin after you pass this one, and there is ANOTHER one of these monstrosities on Baudin, between Cortez and Scott. It must be the same owner. It is the exact same ugly garbage. The difference is the one on Baudin was a renovation.. the one photographed here is a BRAND NEW HOUSE.

  • randall

    This is why mid city needs hdlc designation. Show this to city council and the hdlc if mid city ever applies to become a local hdlc district. Chris are you shore this is brand new house. This looks like an old house terribly renovated.

  • ID Ellen

    See the tiny guy at left in the picture? There’s your perpetrator.