Squandered Heritage Vintage

1501 Baronne St. {1st Ward} Central City

FEMA Section 106
Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of Privately-Owned Residential Buildings Proposed for Demolition in Orleans Parish, Louisiana – Non-Collapsed Buildings Seeking Comment

RESULT: Denied for lack of any real development plans. Notably, in the case of Central City’s HDLC spotty coverage , the building would lose HDLC jurisdiction once demolished.

Commissioner Cole introduced motion to deny.

1501-03 Baronne St. From Afar Corner

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The Housing Unit Demolition Task Force (HUTF) will undoubtedly be handling the demolition application of this property on behalf of the owner, Janee Patin. This demolition request is in process along with one her property adjacent at 1505-07. which she also can’t handle. As a reward for doing nothing for years, taxpayers will tear it down for free.

There is NO public hearing on these properties aside from the public comment period in the link below. We have submitted public comment to these properties but received no response. We’ll collect comments and deliver them to FEMA.

Here is the profile of the current owner from the assessor’s database. This is the same owner for the property next to it at 1505-07 Baronne. The majority of the damage on this structure is due to neglect, not from Katrina.

Thanks for the dead cat, Miss Janee.

Address 1360 INTERLOCHEN
City / State / Zip PEACHTREE CITY GA 30269

Property Address 1501 BARONNE ST
District 1
Assesment Area 01
Square 249
Book 03
Folio 008
Line 006
Tax Bill Number 101107906
Instrument Number 323954
Notorial Archive Number 06-18585
Sale Date 19-MAY-06
Sale Price $80,000

2007 Certified Assessment
Appraised Land $10,590
Appraised Building $69,410
Appraised Total

Assessed Land $1,060
Assessed Building $6,940
Assessed Total $8,000
Homestead Exemption Amount $0
Exempt Code
Special Tax District

Values History
Tax Year 2006
Assessed Land $1,059
Assessed Building $5,100
Assessed Total $6,159
Homestead Exemption Amount $6,159

Property Description
Line No. Description
1 SQ 249 LOT 6 MLK 48 7X31 3L
2 OT 7 BARONNE & MLK 31 4X54 1
3 501-03 BARONNE & 1804 MLK

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  • Cathy stuck in Austin

    I’m convinced the only way to shame these absentee property owners who have allowed their houses to rot forever is to shame them with public ads in their hometown newspapers and with fliers sent to their immediate neighbors. It can’t be slander if it’s true, right?

  • mike

    well, she took out mortgages from Omni Bank, in June 2006 (1501) and April 2005 (1505-07).

    This bank typically has great scrutiny on the borrower and their plans. They placed a $750,000 mortgage on her property, (not sure what they actually gave her so far) , but yet FEMA is being asked to demo teh structures?

    Shame on them both……Perhaps an ad in Peachtree Ga paper and NOLA City Business is in order…

  • WOW.

    It is worse than I thought. This area is a very fragile but important area. Within spittin distance of downtown.

    Wish we could fix it and get Cathy back here. Last time I saw her was in the Convention Center in Austin where we evacuated.

    Hey Cathy, we miss you

  • randall fox

    Are you kidding me? Fight this one.

  • Mike, We would appreciate as much information as possible as we will be presenting to the Housing and Human Needs Commitee at City hall in regards to Demolitions.


    sounds like to me she has a nice redevelop plan worth $780,000, and all she needs is to get fema to kick in the remainder $30,000 in-kind (demolition) and her project is good! has she applied for building permits?

  • Laureen

    You can contact us directly through the contact link via email. We have been doing some research on these owners/properties and you seem to have some additional information we might be able to use. Thanks.