Squandered Heritage Vintage

738-40 Hidalgo Street


This house is FOR SALE..feel free to contact Karen Springer
Her e mail is Karen.K.Spring@shell.com

THE ASKING PRICE IS 150K. It would make a great single and is on a corner lot with a garage and lots of light!

This house is a great example of old style construction with solid materials and plaster walls. There is NOT an odor of mold in this house.

738-40 Hidalgo


Address: 738 Hidalgo St
Owner: Colette Brue
Tax Bill: 206305201
Property Description: Sq 12 Lot A Hidalgo And Vicksburg 60X120 738-40 Hidalgo St
Planning District: Lakeview
Flood Zone: A3
Damage Assessment
Estimated Flood Depth: 5.5
Flood Duration (days): 0
Damage Report: 46.86%

One day we will wake up and see what we have lost

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  • mike

    How does someone make an offer on a house like this? Is there a way?

  • mike

    To answer my own question, anybody can look up the owner’s name on the city’s site:
    Click on the property database link and enter the address and the owner’s name should pop up.

  • Thanks Mike, I should have posted that! I hope, at least you can contatct the owner on this one.

    Sometimes people sign up for demo and then change their minds. Getting OFF this list is harder than you think, so it would be interesting to see how they arrived at the decision to demolish and what the redevelopment plans are, OR if they want to sell {fingers crossed}

  • Laura

    You’ve got to be kidding. Demolition was recommended for this house? I do hope that someone is able to offer the owner enough to buy it from them. It would be a shame to see something this beautiful leave the fabric of New Orleans.

  • debi

    I used to live (before I moved to Northwest Carrollton) right across the street from this house. i ahve been back in the nieghborhood many times to visit with old friends. I am afraid this is going to happen even more in Lakeview as the property values are high without the homes and most of the owners just want to sit on the land value and then get rich quick when they sell out to developers. This house has no structural damage. it is in need of gutting and updating but we KNOW the owner got full coverage from flood (if they were savy enough to have flood)…even if not, sell the place to someone who wants to revitalize the neighborhood. It is in one of, if not the best school dsitrict and would make a beautiful family home. Look at what the folks next door are doing and they had considerably more damage. What are we thinking? And who for god sake makes the determination on what should be torn down and what shouldn’t? It is so ambiguous! If we are allowing the homeowner to demolish, shouldn’t this one be at their expense and even at that should be vehemently opposed.