Squandered Heritage Vintage

2030 Farragut Street, Algiers

FEMA Section 106
Public Notice Regarding Historic Review of Privately-Owned Residential Buildings Proposed for Demolition in Orleans Parish, Louisiana – Non-Collapsed Buildings Seeking Comment

Result: Unknown

2030 Farragut Street

2030 Farragut Street, Algiers

This house is on a large plot of land in Algiers, near the intersection of Shirley and General de Gaulle (outside the Algiers Point Historic District). Orleans Parish Assessor’s office shows it as owned since 2003 by David B. Kaufman, 2020 Farragut St (i.e., the house next door). The house is in an advanced state of collapse; most of the roof and floor are gone from the front half of the building. It clearly was once a beautiful old estate.

The blocks around this area, sandwiched between Behrman Park and the bridge, have almost a rural feel to them, very unlike either the historic Algiers Point or the suburban sprawl of the rest of Algiers. I grew up in Algiers and spent lots of time at Behrman and I never knew this secluded enclave existed.

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  • GraceNelson

    I was born in this house back in 1973 and left there when i was about 10 years old. OMG!!!! I can’t believe when the owner that my parents sold it too has done to it or lack there of……… My parents were the second owners of this house, they bought it from the builder’s (Dr. Kraft) daughters. SO SAD!!!!!!!!

  • Ray

    It really is sad, it looked like a fascinating and unique house. I haven’t driven by since I took these pictures so I don’t know if it’s still there.

    If you click on the picture above you can see the whole set of photos I took that day.

  • katherine owens

    i went by the old house 9-10-09 it has been completly demolished. this house in its time was something special and the grounds were very manicured. after the house was sold in the 80’s it must have gone down very fast. when i was in the area most of the street has become overgrown. i’m sure old dr. kraft would turn in his grave if he saw all he charished become so overgrown. i guess life in that area has also gone down the drain. also a bit of facts, the oaktrees that lined the driveway were planted from acorns collected in old algiers by dr. kraft.

  • Grace Nelson

    Yes……it is completely gone……nothing left but the foundation!!!! It truly breaks my heart…..I have such fond memories of that house with my family……..I do remember my mom showing me a book in the library(can’t remember the name of the book) that showed old houses of Algiers and 2030 was in it showing how the house looked just after Dr. Kraft had built it…..It was a very beautiful pic and I remember it as if it were yesterday….lol 😉