Lisa Mazique and the Clio Street Nightmare

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I remember when this story was first covered by the Times Picayune and in looking found the blog of the folks who live next door to it.

Clio Street

I had done some research on this house and the story of the move to this location. What is difficult to fathom is the size of this house. It is HUGE.

Clio Street

I spoke with Sean a musician who lives next door, with his fiancee. Sean has been working on his house for 10 years. He told me that he was out of town for a month and while he was gone someone stole the joists and floorboards.

Clio Street

As you can see from these photos this place is ready to fall down, and it is 8 inches from the property line.

Clio Street

Sean said that he fears on a daily basis that it is going to fall on top of his house. Seems that a shame that this house was moved from the original site to this site which is too small and because of the neglect of Lisa Mazique while she is settling in to her new job in Miami and Sean and Jackie are living next door to this Historic Landmark of failure.

Here is an older photo of this home in which it appears to be leaning left, in recent photos it is leaning right.


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