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Lisa Mazique and the Clio Street Nightmare

I remember when this story was first covered by the Times Picayune and in looking found the blog of the folks who live next door to it.

Clio Street

I had done some research on this house and the story of the move to this location. What is difficult to fathom is the size of this house. It is HUGE.

Clio Street

I spoke with Sean a musician who lives next door, with his fiancee. Sean has been working on his house for 10 years. He told me that he was out of town for a month and while he was gone someone stole the joists and floorboards.

Clio Street

As you can see from these photos this place is ready to fall down, and it is 8 inches from the property line.

Clio Street

Sean said that he fears on a daily basis that it is going to fall on top of his house. Seems that a shame that this house was moved from the original site to this site which is too small and because of the neglect of Lisa Mazique while she is settling in to her new job in Miami and Sean and Jackie are living next door to this Historic Landmark of failure.

Here is an older photo of this home in which it appears to be leaning left, in recent photos it is leaning right.


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Karen Gadbois co-founded The Lens. She now covers New Orleans government issues and writes about land use. With television reporter Lee Zurik she exposed widespread misuse of city recovery funds and led to guilty pleas in federal court. Her work attracted some of journalism's highest honors, including a Peabody Award, an Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Award and a gold medal from Investigative Reporters and Editors. She can be reached at (504) 606-6013.

  • Jacqui Gibson

    Dear Karen,

    Thank you for mentioning this story on your website. It is an old and tired story but I think an important one. Sometimes I feel as though this house represents everything that is wrong with my city. It is irreverent, embarrassing, wasteful, and dangerous…and worst of all, nobody who is professionally required to correct this atrocity will give us the time of day. You and your readers may be interested in the piece written in the Miami new times

    I have written Stacey Head, Oliver Thomas, and Arnie Fieklow this year. In the past I have written the mayor and our former counsel woman, Rene Gill-Pratt. I have never received a response from any of them.

    It means a lot to us when someone acknowledges us. Thanks. Jacqui Gibson

  • Robert Miller

    It is amazing that the City of Miami would hire a Lisa Mazique to run a department. I guess in Miami they do not do any “due diligence”?

  • rcs

    The house was torn down today, apparently at taxpayer expense. What a waste.

  • Laureen

    Give her a call, tell her thanks and Merry Fuckin Chrismas.
    I can’t believe she has a job, much less THIS job. Grrrrrr.

    (305) 416-1435

  • randall fox

    this would not have happened in another city just so sad. double galleries like that are very old. i wonder where the prc is well they are probally concerned about the cupola on the presbytere or the they are drinking wine at the garden district home tour. i apologize to the prc but you guysl should really put some of this stuff on your website it is much more important i think. its not that you dont care because you do alot but i pray that you put these things on or in preservation in print or something. please do something this should not happen.

  • truthful

    I have watched this story and found the only reason it got so much attention is beacuse a city employee owned it. It also appears that more was done to block the property’s improvement than to help it and we cry about lost heritage? Moreover, the fact that the house is now gone and the focus is now on where/why this person is working is yet another waste of energy…be happy for her and yourselves.

    Get some joy into your lives people and try to find solutions to the many “new” problems our beloved city has…

  • Julie

    WOW. I’m losing the energy to have outrage these days but this is one disgusting stinky mess. I, too, know the couple next door so it’s been making my blood boil for more than a year. Well, it’s finally down, which is good for the neighbors but an example of corruption, greed, lack of respect for others and immoral behavior on the part of Lisa Mazique. I’m feel it’s almost my duty to email her bosses in Miami to warn them.

  • mediajunkee

    Sadly, there was no corruption or unethical behavior per the Times Pic just a permitting snafu. Clearly, a great opportunity to zing a city director who reportedly battled with many preservation-types over the years. She stepped in their arena and boy did the gloves come off! My inside sources say this woman was smart and capable, just not astute on the politics of preservation, which enlists the media to best those that they cannot control. In any case, call her job, her mom or her boss if it makes you feel better. Seems like we could be more concerned about the local gov’t folks that we have elected this year than those that have left…happy holidays.

  • randall fox

    losing a building built before the civil war in a neighboorhood (central city) that has lost 50 percent of its historic housing stock in the past 75 years is sad and it was lisa mazique’s fault. that was a classic house and even though it was lost(after katrina) and i agree could not be saved but it should never have gotten destroyed so badly by katrina in the first place. it is good that she is in miami because the oldest building in that city is only like 30 years old.

  • preserv1luvall

    Yes, we have lost another gem but what have we learned? Fighting with no wins, is a true waste indeed. I had hoped for a happy ending in this effort before Katrina but this property was tied up in legal limbo and halt-work orders. It would have been nice for those who claim to love the city and its old homes work closer together but to no avail. I was told by the neighbors that the property was stripped of all its interior floors and windows while they were out of town, creating a truly dangerous hazard. When will we as a city quit feasting on the poison of diviseness and destruction? Haven’t we endured enough? Let’s hope we don’t continue to let emotion and propaganda keep us from a positive future and destiny for our languishing neighborhoods…

  • I was hired by Lisa Mazique to review the Miami Economic Development Department. I have 25 years of economic development experience and have never seen such a mess as that Department.
    In a bold move(and one that cost me money) I called for the elimination of the Miami Economic Development Department. Ms. Mazique did not share my report with the City Commission who found out about it just before budget time and they ELIMINATED HER DEPARTMENT!!!! She still has a job –but she no longer is the Director of Economic Development. What a track record this woman has–she has left a lot of in her wake. Thank goodness for a Miami City Commission that saw the handwriting on the wall.

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  • okiedoke1

    Does anyone have information about Lisa’s relationship with Melvin Irvin, ex State Rep from Gonzales? I bought a blighted property from the City of New Orleans, Abandoned Property Program (thanks for nothing Ray) and two months later Lisa arranged for Mr. Irvin’s company (Las Vegas LLC) to buy it from NORA – then sued us to make us go away. 5 years later – were still fighting them.
    Anyone know of a connection????

  • Mary

    Fired in Miami. Finally.