Mark Folse from “The Wet Bank Guide”: sent me a photo of a house on the “FEMA list.”:

It seemed from the photo that the house was in pretty good shape. I have been back three times because I could not believe that this house was in need of demolition.

340 S. Clark Mid City

I looked around and although no one was there, it seems as if someone is doing some work on the house.

Looks good   Mid City

I looked around to see if any neighbors were there who may be able to tell me about the house, but it was pretty quiet.

I hope the listing was a mistake or possibly has been taken off the list.

Let’s hope

Address: 340 S Clark St
Owner: Angeline Larrieu
Tax Bill: 105300320
Property Description: Sq 686 Lot 23 So Clark And Banks 30 4X120 ** M/A Chng Phone
Planning District: Mid-City
Flood Zone: A4
Damage Assessment
Estimated Flood Depth: 5.5
Flood Duration (days): 11
Damage Report: 69.4%
Report Detail:
Items Sort Descending% Breakdown % Damage
Superstructure (Framing/Masonry) 18.5 50
Foundations/Basements 16.9 0
Interior Finish (Plaster/Drywall) 8.7 100
Plumbing 8.0 100
Exterior Finish 6.2 100
Electrical 5.4 100
Cabinets/Countertops 5.2 100
Floor Covering 4.5 100
Heating-Cooling 4.2 100
Doors/Windows/Shutters 4.1 100
Lumber Finished 4.1 100
Roofing 3.9 50
Painting 3.4 100
Insulation & Weather Stripping 3.2 100
Built-in Appliances 2.5 0
Hardware 1.2 100

Karen Gadbois

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