4148 Banks Street

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September 11
4148 Banks – Jesuit wants to put a parking lot here. The decision is deferred to Sep 25 at 10am, at which time Jesuit has been asked to provide plans for the parking lot. They stated that their students need a parking lot, since it is not safe to park and walk long distances.

The description of this House was a little confusing. It is not at the corner of Banks and Carrollton, but rather at the corner of Banks and S. Solomon.

Mid-City 4148 Banks St. Wayne Pontiff for Jesuit High School has applied to demolish this Arts and Crafts double shotgun to be replaced with a vacant lot on the corner of S. Carrollton.

Banks Street

Banks Street

It looks as it they plan to create a Parking Lot or an area for future building.

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