Here is the information we provide to everyone interested in preventing
unnecessary demolitions. It is our hope that neighborhood groups and
neighbors will do whatever they can to stop this menace.

When you see a house under demolition, look for a permit. If none is
visible, ask to see one if it seems safe to do so. If there is no permit and
none is produced by whomever is on site, immediately contact Safety and
Permits at 504 658 7130 to inquire whether a permit for demolition has been

If not, please ask the inspector on duty to send an inspector to the site
and cite the owner. The director of the Department of Safety and Permits can
impose of as much as the fair market value on the owner. HCDRC does not have
the authority to do so.

If the demolition in question is located in a local historic district such
as Holy Cross, Bywater, Marigny, Esplanade Ridge, Treme, the CBD, Lower
Garden District, Irish Channel, St. Charles Ave., a section of Canal Street
or Algiers Point, contact the HDLC at 504 658 7040.

Demolition permits can be granted without HCDRC review or approval if the
city deems a property in imminent danger of collapse.

We don’t know if or to whom S&P is accountable re issuing permits for
demolitions without review, but it seems like an excellent issue for a
consortium of neighborhoods to take up, as it affects so many. We would be
more than happy to advise about the process.

We do not have a list of illegal demolitions – most of the time we are able
to determine a permit was issued. But if anyone on this egroup list knows of
an un-permitted demolition, please send us an address and we will begin a
list. A digital photo is also very helpful.

Please keep this issue alive. Stephanie Bruno