Yet again, GOP voters go whole hog for ‘anybody but Romney’

Back in December, I advised my vast army of readers to bet on unusual permutations in the 2012 Republican primaries. So imagine this post being typed on an imaginary aircraft carrier, with a banner behind the author declaring “Weirdness Accomplished.”

Tuesday night Rick Santorum not only swept GOP contests in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado, the former Pennsylvania senator positively dominated the field.

Corporations are candidates, too — so let’s see those logos

Last week at the Iowa State Fair, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney told an  audience that “corporations are people.”  Some in the crowd scoffed at the claim, but that’s a  silly reaction since the proof was standing there on stage, speaking to them.  I mean, what more evidence does Romney have to show these doubting Iowans to convince them that corporations are people, too?