Landrieu ditches Nagin plan

Call it the off-target plan. Mayor Mitch Landrieu is moving away from predecessor Ray Nagin’s recovery strategy of pushing projects in 17 “target zones” across the city.

That old-mayor odor

I saw this quote from Mayor C. Ray Nagin’s interview with CNN:
We have this kind of idealism that at some point people are going to understand what we’ve been doing. It’s almost like an underground movement.

$800,000 award from city could end up hurting Zulu

Accepting a recent $800,000 award from City Hall could further jeopardize Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club’s tax exempt status. That’s because its unusual IRS status requires that it get at least 65 percent of its gross income from membership dues.

Nagin on Nagin

Undoubtedly, Mayor Ray Nagin will go down in New Orleans history as a leader who speaks his mind. Exhibit A, of course, is his 2006 remark that the city will be “chocolate at the end of the day.” Likewise, it’s impossible to forget the mayor’s Sept.

Nagin administration moving millions in recovery money without public input

By Ariella Cohen, staff writer — In the months after Hurricane Katrina, traumatized New Orleanians turned out in droves to discuss the fate of their neighborhoods. They gave hours of their time with the understanding that their input would guide the rebuilding of their city – and help secure the federal disaster grants needed to start reconstruction.  When the resulting plan was approved by the state, many were excited to see their ideas on what they were told was the blueprint for the new New Orleans.