Get government funding out of the arts? Get real!

By Lamar White Jr., The Lens contributing opinion writer |

In a recent opinion piece for The Lens, Kevin Kane argued against government support for the arts. Louisiana’s richly indigenous culture is self-sustaining – and should be, Kane argued.

Let culture buffs fund the arts – not govt. bureaucrats

By Kevin Kane, The Lens contributing opinion writer |

In an opinion piece posted recently at The Lens, New Orleans’ online investigative news site, arts writer and editor Nathan C. Martin recently criticized the Louisiana legislature for cutting statewide funding for the arts. While Martin rightly celebrates Louisiana’s culture, his argument for increased government subsidies falls short.

Distracted or disillusioned?

The Mardi Gras run-up and the Super Bowl celebrations were routinely described as diversions that kept residents of New Orleans from participating in municipal elections. Indeed, only about a third of registered voters cast ballots.However, I would argue that neither Carnival parades nor the Super Bowl distracted citizens from exercising the vote.