Two years after city funds Lake Terrace, owner behind on taxes

In a press release issued last week, Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s administration prided itself on a recent decision by Judge Lloyd J. Medley Jr. to uphold fines imposed on a taxpayer financed developer who has failed to bring a lakefront strip mall back into commerce years after Katrina damaged it. The city lauded the ruling as a victory in the Landrieu administration’s war on blight, evidence that it has “aggressively pursued” measures against the strip mall owner, including fines of $15,575 affirmed by Medley.

Strip mall that won taxpayer money faces code problems

In January, The Lens reported on taxpayer money collected by DKM Acquisitions and Properties for economic development. At the time, nothing visible had been done to renovate the gutted and unkempt Lake Terrace Shopping Center at Robert E. Lee Boulevard and Paris Avenue.

"Economic development" grants leave empty storefronts

A taxpayer-financed program to stimulate economic development in New Orleans continues to back dubious business ventures, throwing into question the city’s stewardship of some $2.5 million in annual grants, an investigation by The Lens and Fox 8 News has found. Since December 2008, more than $200,000 has been funneled to the owners of a sorely needed Gentilly shopping center and a Carrollton restaurant.