BESE approves online providers despite judge nixing pay plan

Forty-five online schools, colleges, and other educators are one step closer to instructing Louisiana public school students, a committee from the state’s top education board decided Tuesday. That’s despite a ruling by a Baton Rouge-area judge last week that using state education money to pay these providers violate the Louisiana constitution.

School vouchers are distributed as expanded program kicks in

About 2,300 New Orleans public school students have been offered slots in private schools under the state’s voucher program, leaving about 5,500 spots still available at schools across the state, the Louisiana Department of Education announced today. The department unveiled the list of private schools slated to accept those students today, as well as other schools across 33 parishes available this fall for students outside of New Orleans participating in the voucher program, officially known as Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence.

Innovative RSD planning process enters final month: public weighs in on needed changes

By Jessica Williams, The Lens staff writer |

More transparency, more equity, and greater levels of commitment to non-charter schools were among requests from community members at a public task force meeting Tuesday night with Recovery School District head John White. Members of the task force – comprising representatives from the RSD, the non-profit Orleans Parish Education Network and the charter support group New Schools for New Orleans – presented feedback gathered during a July comment period.