Artist photos (clockwise from top left): Devynn, Danica and Trea from Chapel Hart; Ashlin Parker; Emeka Dibia; Matt Lemmler; Lynn Drury; David Torkanowsky.

Feeling stuck at home amid the pandemic? Craving live music at your favorite New Orleans venue? Imagine how the musicians feel.

We can enjoy live streams all we want, and the performers do, too. But they need your support now, more than ever, as bars and other stages remain closed across the state of Louisiana.

This week on the podcast, we focus on some of the local performers who helped build New Orleans’ cultural economy, now hanging on for life amid its collapse.

We hear from recording artists Chapel Hart, Lynn Drury, Ashlin Parker and John Michael Bradford from Trumpet Mafia, piano masters David Torkanowsky and Matt Lemmler and multi-genre performer Emeka Dibia.

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