Behind The Lens episode 52: ‘They’re only going to be reviewing 25 student files at every school they go to for this city-wide audit’

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This week on Behind The Lens:

Its election weekend in Louisiana – races for governor and other statewide offices, legislative seats, and constitutional amendments will all be on the ballot. Lens Editor Charles Maldonado has election night coverage details.

And NOLA Public School begins it’s city-wide audit of high school academic records in the wake of the graduation scandal at John F Kennedy High School. Marta Jewson has the story.

Also – the New Orleans City Planning Commission votes against a proposal to increase bed capacity at the New Orleans jail. Nick Chrastil has the details.

And new water identification technology is allowing scientists to hone in on the impact that the Bonnet Carre spillway diversion is having on gulf ecosystems. We talk to Dr. Read Hendon at the University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Research Laboratory.

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