This week on Behind The Lens, Councilwoman Helena Moreno has offered her take on how the City Council should change the way it regulates Entergy New Orleans. Moreno spoke with Lens reporter Michael Isaac Stein following his investigation of the city’s well-paid utility consultants. Michael briefed us on that interview Friday.

In St John the Baptist Parish, organizers of the “March Against Death Alley” rallied supporters Wednesday night. They had planned to begin a five-day march to the State Capitol in Baton Rouge the following day. But they postponed the march because of stormy weather that moved into the state this week. Now, they’re planning to re-schedule for some time in May. We spoke one of the organizers, the Reverend Gregory Manning of the advocacy group Justice & Beyond, and heard from several residents there.

And, the Orleans Parish school district plans to test the water at Homer Plessy Community School for lead this Monday. This week, the district rushed to install filters to remove lead from drinking water at Plessy.

The move follows a unique school project there that highlights a potential problem for many New Orleans schools. We spoke with 13-year-old Plessy student Berr Voss-Potts, who decided to test his school’ s water in preparation for an NPR podcast challenge that his health sciences class is taking.

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