This week on Behind The Lens, the Orleans Parish school district says it’s continuing to look into a former administrator’s allegation that Kennedy High School employees improperly inflated students’ grades. Previously, the district told The Lens that “the school did not act in an improper manner.” We reported last week that a former administrator alleges that school employees changed some students’ final letter grades from F’s to D’s and D’s to C’s in an attempt to give students credits they didn’t earn. We spoke with Marta Jewson about her investigation.

The Lens is continuing its investigation of the controversial wastewater assimilation technique. It’s the process by which local authorities discharge some or all of their treated wastewater into wetland sites. We hear from a proponent, LSU emeritus professor John Day, who founded a commercial firm that develops and monitors assimilation systems, as well as Ed Bodker, a retired state environmental manager, who has criticized the technique.

Also this week: New Orleans City Council members have come and gone over the past three decades. But the consultants who help them regulate Entergy New Orleans have remained pretty consistent over that period. And they’ve earned millions of dollars each year. Michael Isaac Stein has details in an exclusive investigation for The Lens.

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