This week on Behind The Lens, host and producer Tom Wright talks to Scott Sternberg, The Lens’ attorney, about The Lens’ public records lawsuit seeking fake subpoenas from the Orleans District Attorney’s Office.

The Lens filed suit in May 2017 after being denied the records. In October 2017, a judge ordered the DA’s office to produce fake subpoenas used in closed and rejected cases. Orleans Parish DA Leon Cannizzaro appealed to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal, which also found in favor of The Lens. Cannizzaro took it to the state Supreme Court, which denied his request this week.

Also on the podcast, editor Charles Maldonado talks about proposed changes to the city’s short-term rental regulations.

And we have a segment about climate change and Louisiana politics.

Last year came to a close with ample warnings about the state of the global environment. Climate change is already affecting Louisiana communities in the severity of extreme weather events, coastal erosion and more. But are state politicians getting the message? Tom speaks with reporter Julie Dermansky about her recent work for DeSmog Blog on the state’s political environment.

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