Compare 2017 school performance scores for New Orleans schools

The Louisiana Department of Education released school performance scores Tuesday.

This is the final year of curved grades, which guaranteed the same distribution of A and F schools over the last four years. The curve was introduced in 2013-14 because the state was concerned about drops in achievement after introducing more difficult standardized tests. It was initially supposed to last two school years, but was extended two more years.

Overall, schools run by the Orleans Parish School Board and the Recovery School District received a C grade, a drop from last year’s B.* That includes almost all schools in the city.

Two elementary schools, Medard H. Nelson Charter School and William J. Fischer Accelerated Academy, received an F for the third year in a row.

The grades are largely based on spring standardized test scores that were released earlier this year.

Here are scores for all schools in New Orleans. Statewide, parish-level, and individual school scores are available on the department’s website.

New Orleans school performance scores

School 2017 Grade 2017 Score 2016 Grade 2016 Score 2015 Grade 2015 Score
Akili Academy of New Orleans C 70 D 62.2 C 67
Algiers Technology Academy* F 41.9 D 59.7 D 54.5
Alice M. Harte Elementary Charter School A 100.6 A 104.3 A 100
Andrew H. Wilson Charter School^ T 70.3 T 68.9 F 39.7
Arise Academy D 45.9 F 43.4 D 47.8
Arthur Ashe Charter School C 79.6 C 77.7 C 73.2
Audubon Charter School A 108 A 112.2 A 116.9
Benjamin Franklin Elementary Mathematics and Science School B 90.2 B 95.4 B 91.4
Benjamin Franklin High School† A 141.3 A 140.3 A 138.9
Bricolage Academy B 97.5 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Cohen College Prep C 73 C 79 B 88
Crescent Leadership Academy‡ F 20.2 F 17 F 20.2
Dr. Martin Luther King Charter School for Sci/Tech C 70.2 C 78.6 B 91.6
Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School D 62.4 D 57 C 71.3
Edgar P. Harney Spirit of Excellence Academy C 73.3 D 64.2 C 76.2
Edna Karr High School A 104.3 A 106.9 A 111.1
Edward Hynes Charter School A 107.1 A 113.7 A 107.1
Einstein Charter School at Village de l’est D 55.2 C 75.1 n/a n/a
Einstein Charter Middle School at Sarah Towles Reed C 64 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Einstein Charter High School at Sarah Towles Reed C 70.3 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Einstein Charter School at Sherwood Forest C 66 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Eleanor McMain Secondary School C 80.9 B 89.2 B 88.9
ENCORE Academy C 63.6 C 77.7 C 70.9
Esperanza Charter School C 68.3 B 89 C 72.2
Fannie C. Williams Charter School C 64.3 D 57.2 C 66.3
G.W. Carver Collegiate Academy D 62.4 D 67.1 C 73.6
Gentilly Terrace Charter School* D 54.4 D 58.7 D 52
Harriet Tubman Charter School C 65.2 C 79.9 C 81.4
Homer A. Plessy Community School D 52.6 D 52.4 D 49.1
International High School of New Orleans C 77.4 C 81 B 85.6
International School of Louisiana A 106.3 A 100.6 A 102.5
James M. Singleton Charter School C 75.4 C 69 D 47.4
Joseph A. Craig Charter School D 51.6 D 49.1 D 53.2
Joseph S. Clark Preparatory High School D 61.3 D 51.3 D 62.4
KIPP Believe College Prep C 72.1 C 84.4 C 78.8
KIPP Booker T. Washington High School B 89.3 n/a n/a n/a n/a
KIPP Central City Academy* B 87.5 B 93.2 B 85.4
KIPP Central City Primary C 78.5 C 81.6 C 75.1
KIPP McDonogh 15 School for the Creative Arts C 72.1 C 76.7 C 79
KIPP New Orleans Leadership Academy C 70.5 C 73.2 D 64.5
KIPP Renaissance High School B 88.5 A 100 B 96.8
Lafayette Academy C 83.2 C 80.8 B 89.6
Lake Area New Tech Early College High School D 60.2 C 75.1 C 79.4
Lake Forest Elementary Charter School† A 128.6 A 127.5 A 123.8
Langston Hughes Charter Academy C 70.2 D 63.3 D 59
Lawrence D. Crocker College Prep D 50.6 D 58.6 T 69.2
L.B. Landry-O.P. Walker College and Career Preparatory High School D 50.9 D 58.7 D 61.5
Livingston Collegiate Academy A 115.9 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Lusher Charter School† A 136.8 A 137 A 130.3
Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans B 97.9 A 105.6 B 95
Mahalia Jackson Elementary School D 50 C 79.9 C 69.7
Martin Behrman Elementary School C 67.2 C 76.4 C 75.8
Mary Bethune Elementary Literature/Technology C 72.2 B 89.5 B 95
Mary D. Coghill Charter School D 63.3 C 75.1 C 80.4
McDonogh No. 32 Elementary School F 40.3 F 44.7 D 54.5
McDonogh No. 35 Academy* C 66.5 D 61.5 D 56.3
McDonogh No. 35 College Preparatory School D 69.2 C 76.5 C 70.3
McDonogh No. 42 Charter School^ F 31.8 F 45.8 D 62.6
Medard Nelson Elementary School F 41.5 F 45.9 F 41.2
Mildred Osborne Charter School D 49.1 D 54.7 D 50.8
Milestone Academy* F 36.6 D 61 C 69.3
Morris Jeff Community School C 80.8 C 84.4 B 84.6
New Orleans Center for Creative Arts A 116.5 A 119.6 A 107.9
New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School B 98.7 B 94.4 B 98.6
New Orleans Military/Maritime Academy A 108.8 B 98.8 A 103.2
Paul Habans Charter School D 60 D 53.6 F 39.8
Phillis Wheatley Community School C 70.4 D 66.9 D 64.8
Pierre A. Capdau Learning Academy D 59.3 C 73.7 C 71.4
ReNEW Accelerated High School‡ F 14.9 F 23 F 18.9
ReNEW Cultural Arts Academy at Live Oak Elementary D 58.2 C 72.2 C 74
ReNEW Dolores T. Aaron Elementary D 58.6 C 74.1 C 77.3
ReNEW McDonogh City Park Academy^ F 41.7 D 49.9 D 49.2
ReNEW Schaumburg Elementary D 47.1 C 73.1 T 73.6
ReNEW SciTech Academy at Laurel D 56.7 C  74.7 B 94.2
Robert Russa Moton Charter School C 73.6 B 85.9 B 88.4
Samuel J. Green Charter School C 78.5 C 79 C 73.6
Sci Academy C 76.5 B  85.3 B  96.3
Sophie B. Wright Charter School B 92.8 B 87.1 C 81
Success Preparatory Academy D 61.5 C 80.3 D 56.9
Sylvanie Williams College Prep F 32.4 D 54.7 D 52.4
The NET Charter High School‡ F 28.6 F 29.8 F 25.7
Warren Easton Senior High School A 106.5 A 100.7 A 109.4
William J. Fischer Accelerated Academy F 32.9 F 36.2 F 39.6
Youth Study Center F 15.2

T: The state didn’t issue a grade that year because the school was taken over by a new charter operator. (The state doesn’t issue grades for the first two years after a takeover of a failing school.)
* School closed after 2016-17 school year
† Selective admission
‡ Alternative school
^ Changed charter group after 2015-16 school year

Einstein Charter School split into four charters after the 2015-16 school year, after opening a high school.

How grades are calculated

A school’s grade is based on its School Performance Score, but there are two grading scales.

High schools and combination schools (for instance, middle and high school):

A 100-150
B 85-99.9
C 70-84.9
D 50-69.9
F 0-49.9


A 100-150
B 83.4-99.9
C 63.4-83.3
D 42.5-63.3
F 0-42.4

*Correction: Last fall, the state Department of Education assigned New Orleans schools an overall performance score of 84.9 and a C letter grade. However, Success Preparatory Academy appealed its performance score, and earlier this year its score was changed from 78.9 to 80.3. That bumped the city’s overall score up to 85, which is a B. Based on the outdated information, we originally reported in this story that the city’s overall grade was a C. (Nov. 8, 2017)

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