Live video Wednesday: Expert panel discusses how to pay for massive coastal restoration effort

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Wednesday morning, the Tulane Institute on Water Resources Law and Policy released a report estimating that the state’s $50 billion Master Plan for the Coast will end up costing more than $100 billion over its 50-year time frame.

It arrives at that figure by adjusting for inflation over 50 years and adding the $6.2 billion cost of the Urban Water Plan for New Orleans, which proposes innovative water management techniques within the city.

Wednesday night at 6 p.m., The Lens will host a panel discussion among state and environmental leaders about how to foot the bill for the coastal restoration effort. Joining us:

Fox 8 News’ John Snell will moderate.

The Tulane institute says the doubling in projected cost shouldn’t deter coastal restoration, noting that it cost nearly $100 billion to rebuild the Gulf Coast after hurricanes Katrina and Rita. “Knowing what is at stake and coming to terms with the true costs of saving coastal Louisiana are prerequisites for a robust civic conversation about how best to finance it.”

Join us for the conversation Wednesday night, in person or by video.


We’ll post the full video later; in the meantime here are some highlights.

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