As torrential rains fell on June 10, Ben Franklin High School held an uneventful public hearing to discuss its proposed budget for the 2014-15 school year. Two days later, the budget was approved by the board.

Increased student enrollment will lead to increased revenue, which is allowing for more spending in several areas.  The conservative enrollment estimate on the proposed budget is 880, but Ben Franklin chief financial officer Allison Bent Bowler said the school currently has 907 students enrolled for next year. Some will transfer early in the fall semester — hence the lower number.

Ben Franklin will spend less on auditing services in 2014-15, thanks to a new auditing firm that offered the same service at lower prices, Bowler said.

Social studies teacher John Parauka, the lone attendee, asked about an increase in the marketing budget.  Bowler said the school hired an alumna, Virginia Sausse, to improve the school’s marketing.  Parauka voiced approval for anything that would promote the school’s brand.