The monitoring team overseeing reforms of the New Orleans Police Department released its second compliance report Thursday.

The team found that the department is lagging in a number of areas, specifically in developing and submitting new policies required to undertake the mandated reforms.

Probably the most glaring omission thus far is a policy guiding how and when officers should use force. The monitor says the department’s current use-of-force policy does not comply with a federal consent decree.

The Police Department also lacks a policy on properly responding to and reporting sexual assaults, according to the report.

Also contained in the report are several tables analyzing police vehicle crashes, of which there were 1,620 between 2007 and 2013.

The Lens annotated the report for easier reading. Take a look.

Guided reading of the report

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Charles Maldonado

Charles Maldonado is the editor of The Lens. He previously worked as The Lens' government accountability reporter, covering local politics and criminal justice. Prior to joining The Lens, he worked for...