Leadership at InspireNOLA schools will look a little different next year, the board of directors learned Monday night.

Current heads of school Jamar McKneely and John Hiser will become executive directors, with McKneely overseeing elementary school operations and Hiser directing the high school.

The board is currently hiring new heads of school to fill now vacant positions. The board announced last month that they would hire directors as they look to expand their operations to new schools in the coming years.

Additionally, Charlie Mackles, has been named chief financial officer, the job he formerly held with the Algiers Charter Schools Association. Mackles has overseen InspireNOLA finances since the organization took charge of Alice M. Harte Elementary Charter School and Edna Karr High School, both formerly managed by ACSA.

The changes in leadership prepare the board for the July 1 separation from ACSA,  which has managed human resources and financial matters for the organization for the past year.

Both Harte and Karr see solid enrollment numbers for the upcoming year, with Harte having filled all available seats in the first round of OneApp placements and Karr declared as their first choice by more students than any other school, McKneely said.

Shawn Rodgers, the board treasurer, reported that the budget for the upcoming fiscal year will be available to the public on May 27 followed by a public hearing at 5:00 p.m. June 30, a half hour before the regularly scheduled meeting at which the board will vote on the budget.

All board members attended the April meeting. The next board meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. May 27 at Edna Karr High School.