A quorum of members failed to show up for the March board meeting of Crescent City Schools, precluding binding action. Those in attendance discussed the need for community donations for everything from special-education resources to a dance studio.

Five board members were present for the meeting at Akili Academy: chairman Jean-Paul Hymel, treasurer Doug Harrell, Bob Stefani, Anna Washington-Burrell, and new board member Frank Rabalais. The absentees were Tim Bryant, Carolyn Chandler, Julius Kimbrough, and Aimee Eubanks Davis; Davis addressed the board briefly in a conference call.

Chantelle Pierre, director of development, addressed the board about the need for additional resources in the management group’s three schools: Harriett Tubman Charter School, Akili Academy of New Orleans, and Paul Habans Charter School.

All three need additional special-education teachers and supplies. Crescent City Schools accept all students, including those with mild or severe special needs.

The group also seeks funding for student computers at Akili and Tubman, Pierre said. Mobile computer labs must be in place next year in time for standardized testing aligned with Common Core standards. Even if, Common Core is revised or scratched in the current session of the Louisiana Legislature, the technology will be needed, Pierre said.

“There is absolutely a need to get kids tech- and computer-savvy,” she said.

“There are opportunities for creativity and learning graphic arts. Having a computer lab creates consistency for the students, some of whom do not have regular access to the Internet,” she added.

On May 6, GiveNOLA Day — part of the national Give America Local Day —  will host an online fundraiser in which individuals and businesses can donate $10 or more to area nonprofits.  Donations to GiveNOLA will be part of the “Lagniappe Fund,” to be disbursed to participating nonprofits, including Crescent City Schools. Prospective donors should visit www.GiveNOLA.org.

The 50-minute board meeting began at 6 p.m. Two members of the public were present, but neither addressed the board.

The next board meeting is scheduled for April 16 at Harriet Tubman, in Algiers. The items the board failed to vote on at Wednesday’s meeting will be up for vote, should a quorum be present.