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Live blog: Lusher holds lotteries to select students for 2014-15 school year

Because Lusher Charter School has more applicants than seats for the next school year, officials will hold lotteries to select students and assemble waiting lists.

The lotteries will be held Wednesday and Friday.* I’ll live blog them here.

You can follow along as the results are called or check back later; the results of the lotteries will remain on this page after the events have ended.

The schedule:

  • Grades 6-12, Wednesday, 8:30 a.m.
  • Grades 1-5 , Friday, 9 a.m.
  • Kindergarten, Friday, 1:30 p.m.

Lusher has posted information on its admissions process on its website.

Editor’s note: The Lens is an independent, nonprofit news site and is not affiliated with any charter school. This blog is not an official confirmation of admission; parents will hear from the school directly about the results.

*Correction: An earlier story had the incorrect schedule for the Lusher lotteries. The story now reports the correct schedule. (March 19, 2014)

Wednesday: Grades 6-12

Friday morning: Grades 1-5

Friday afternoon: Kindergarten

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  • nickelndime

    SCHOOL LOTTERIES: REQUEST TO INSPECT PUBLIC RECORDS. If selective-admission public charter schools are going to do this, as least make them work for it. It’s way too easy to hoodwink anxious, but hopeful parents, and by the time acceptance letters, etc. go out, it will be way too late.

  • Clay Kirby

    Many moons ago, my parents camped out for a week for a first-come-first-serve slot for me to go to Lusher. We lived just outside the district border.

  • boathead12

    go on nickle, what do you mean here? I sat through the Audubon Charter lottery, and I can not imagine how it could be more transparent. Four different school staff sat in front, each fulfilling a different task: announcing the slot to be drawn for, drawing the chit, reading the chit, and inscribing the results in the ledger. If there is a way to rig that, I’d be curious to see it. We were drawn last in our tier, but are fortunate to be in the Tier I group because of siblings at the school. You are right though that we’ll be in a terrible bind if this does not work out for us.

  • desibb

    How many 8th graders got in ? All got in…what is all ?
    LENS mentions that Lusher selects its students by taking into consideration test scores. I must disagree, and say that I personally spoke with the director of admissions and was told that once upon a time that was the case, but no longer.
    First priority of spaces available go to Tulane University Staff-
    Second priority go to ” Siblings of children in the lower school” ( all 7 or 10 blocks of it)
    Third priority go to ” In District”
    Fourth Priority go to ” Out of district”
    Lusher School as I understand it, is in Business with Tulane University. The last time I checked, Lusher school fell under the umbrella of public/Charter Schools in New Orleans and is funded by Tax payers like you and me.
    Why are Tulane staff being allowed first bids on these spots ? More importantly, can they do this ?

  • nickelndime

    SCHOOL LOTTERIES: It’s not what these selective-admission public schools do in the FRONT. It’s what they do in the BACK that matters! I am going to say it again. Despite what information is given to the public, in public, these admissions people (including the administrators) already know who is coming in, and who (if any, i.e., vacancies) are going out. It’s March 20, 2014. My best wishes go to any parent who has children in this gawd4saken city and is counting on the public school system and administrative teams to be truthful (and that includes overpaid CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CAOs, Principals/Assistant Principals, Admissions Coordinators, etc.and many other non-classroom personnel on the public payroll). And yes, it is interesting that Lusher appears to be “doing business” with Tulane and its appendage which d/b/a the nonprofit (Ha!) Scott Cowen Institute.

  • nickelndime

    SCHOOL LOTTERIES: Good Luck to you and yours, boathead12. I have read your comments before. So glad you take the time to express your opinions.

  • Carrie

    Thank you for this live blog, but it has ended up not being that helpful since Lusher has decided to use numbers. If you are able to ask, could you find out why the parents we’re given the numbers on the letters that were mailed? This seems to be a new thing. Also, what test scores are in tier 1? Did 27 children really get a perfect score? Also, where are the Tulane children in the tiers? Are they considered community applicants? This seems unnecessarily complex. Thank you, again.

  • nickelndime

    LUSHER LOTTERY: So, if you got the money (TULANE/LUSHER), you don’t have to do the time? (attend the lotteries, wait in the wings, be on call, “wishing and hoping”…). In The Times-Picayune 2009 article, Kathy Riedlinger was #1 in “Skyrocketing Principal/Assistant Principal Salaries…” ($203,559); Sheila Nelson’s (Elementary Principal) salary was $86,619; Brenda Bourne’s (Middle School Principal) salary was $89,096, and; Wiley Aytes’ (High School Principal) salary was $88,659. It seems that the nonprofit charter board that is “supposed” to oversee LUSHER was afraid that it might lose Kathy to retirement (HA!) and so wanted to “make up” for any retirement losses that might ensue. But if you look closer, it would appear that Ms. Riedlinger (who did not relinquish husband, Brian’s name and revert to her maiden Hurstell name, which ran a small sandwich shop on St. Claude Avenue and fed many a Francis T. Nicholls student at lunchtime) believes that she is the real “draw” in this game and values herself much higher than others. But Ms. Riedlinger is not alone. The Feds and the State have reinforced Kathy’s inflated view of herself, which leads me to say that I am not satisfied and I, for one, want my money back! I certainly am NOT getting my money’s worth – on any level (locally, state, or federal). However, I do acknowledege THE LENS for giving me the opportunity to express my opinions.

  • nickelndime

    LUSHER LOTTERY: Is anybody sufficiently confused yet (between the tiers, the liars (OMGAWD – that was a Freudian slip), the scores, the “A”s and the “W”S)?

  • DrLoc

    Oh goodie. My child is only around 170th on the waiting list. Think she has a shot?


  • nickelndime

    LUSHER LOTTERY: Oh goodie for you, DrLoc. Your child is @ 170 on the waiting list (that would be a “W” for Waiting, not an “A” for Accepted)! Well, why in da Hell (excuse my French-National-Tulane professor self for asking), why are Accepted (A) students in the damn lottery anyway? SOS (Shame on Sheila). There still might be chance for you and your child yet, DrLoc! Talk to Sheila – face-2-face. You have no idea what eye contact can do in such cases. Personally, I would stare her down. What have you got to lose at this point? However, I trust that you have cross-applied, like cross pollination.

  • will_k2

    Your facts are way off the mark here, and all you have to do is look read the article you’re commenting on to see that. There are Tulane affiliates on the waiting list while general community kids were accepted. How could that be if “first priority of available spaces go to Tulane staff?”