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Harney Spirit of Excellence Academy strives for a C; charter renewal at stake, CEO says

Eileen Williams, chief executive officer at Edgar P. Harney Spirit of Excellence Academy, announced at the school’s board meeting Monday night that she hopes to receive a grade of C — equivalent to a school performance score of at least 70 — on the state evaluation this year. Harney’s current score stands at 64, equivalent to a D.

Williams said the school has shown academic growth in the years since Harney was run directly by the Recovery School District, but she noted that charter renewal next year may hinge on getting that C. Interim tests show improvement in reading and math over a three-year period, she said, adding that students in grades three through eight are taking computer classes to prepare them for the technology-based Common Core tests.

In other business, board members Charles Southall III, Norma Monroe Dixon, and Williams announced that they have formed a recruitment committee to spread the word about Harney at local churches and school fairs.

Band director and music teacher Jermaine McGee asked the board to  help cover the cost of the band’s first-ever Mardi Gras parade season. McGee said the transportation costs come to $2,880 for the six parades Harney plans to march in. Next year,  when krewes are more familiar with the school, McGee said he hopes to receive subsidies to cover transportation costs.

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  • Alan Maclachlan

    Can anyone explain the standards by which charters are renewed or denied, if there is in fact a system of standards? Recently, on the basis of a one-year improvement from an F to a D, James Singleton Charter School was granted a three year renewal;

    But, according to the story above, even if it earns a “C” Harney’s Charter may not be renewed.
    I’m not a fan of this numbers rating game by which schools live or die, but if it is going to exist, shouldn’t it at least be consistently applied?

    Or…am I missing something here?