Progress toward a comprehensive five-year plan encompassing both school finances and curriculum was among topics addressed at the year’s first meeting of Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans’ board of directors.

Parents of third-graders are encouraged to attend a meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday about a free after-school program to sharpen French language skills.

The school also plans to start a summer camp for pre-kindergarten through fourth-grade students. The Bonjour NOLA Camp will be divided into two three-week sessions with 120 students per session.

Lycée Français also is adding 21 enrichment programs, including chess, tennis, yoga, and photography, Keith Bartlett, the school’s chief executive officer, said. All programs will be discounted for students who receive free or reduced-cost lunches.

The school received 349 early applications for admission under the district’s OneApp program. These included 179 applications for kindergarten, of which 110 listed Lycee as their first choice, Bartlett said.

The Finance Committee is developing a five-year plan, as is the Development Committee,which next meets at the end of the month.

Todd Tournillon of the Postelwaite and Netterville accounting firm said Lycee’s books were found to be problem-free and that the state has accepted the audit.

Alysson Mills, the board’s vice chairman, briefly addressed the $14,000 the school owes the Adams and Reese law firm, saying the debt will be addressed at next month’s meeting.

Board member Ben Castoriano touched on lawsuits against the school filed by former special education coordinator and English program director Darleen Mipro. Castoriano said two lawsuits are pending, regarding breach of contract and wage claims. The school has appealed a third lawsuit for defamation, that resulted in a judge ordering Lycee to pay $5,000.

The board repaired to an executive session to discuss the litigation in greater detail, as allowed under state open-meetings law. The executive session lasted 20 minutes, after which the board adjourned for the night.

The meeting was called to order Monday at 6:39 p.m. and adjourned at 8:10 p.m. It was attended by all but one member of the board, Dr. Erin Greenwald.