The board that runs the Algiers Charter School Association will hold a public hearing Tuesday on whether to switch three of its six schools to Orleans Parish School Board governance.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m. at L.B. Landry-O.P. Walker College and Career Preparatory High School. The full board will vote on the issue Thursday at 6 p.m., also at Landry-Walker.*

Landry-Walker is one of the schools eligible to return to the Orleans Parish School Board. The other two are Dwight D. Eisenhower Academy of Global Studies and Martin Behrman Charter School Academy of Creative Arts and Sciences.

Seventeen schools, run by 10 charter school operators, are eligible to move from the state-run Recovery School District to the parish school board. Schools become eligible after they spend at least four years with the Recovery School District and are not failing.

17Schools are eligible to move to parish school board oversight7Schools so far have decided not to

Five boards that run seven schools have already decided; none so far have voted to make the move. The other organizations will decide in the next three weeks. All schools must inform the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education of their decision by Jan. 2.

Charter school leaders have cited the parish school board’s lack of a permanent superintendent as a reason not to move, as well as the occasional public spats among board members. Operators of multiple charters also say it doesn’t make sense to move one school to OPSB while the others remain under the RSD.

Last year at Behrman and Walker, faculty and staff overwhelmingly supported a move. However, Algiers Charter School Association board members decided that questions about the schools’ independence were a deterrent. Since then, a law has been passed that would allow schools to retain their local educational agency status.

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*Correction: This story originally misreported that the board would vote Tuesday night. The vote is Thursday. (Dec. 10, 2013)

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