The board of trustees for the Algiers Charter Schools Association will hold a public meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday at L.B. Landry/O.P. Walker College and Career Preparatory High School to take community input on a vote to return three schools to Orleans Parish School Board oversight this year.

The board will vote on the issue two days later, 6 p.m. Dec. 12, at the same location, 1200 L.B. Landry Blvd.

The board will decide whether to return the schools to OPSB oversight or continue to operate under the Recovery School District.

L.B. Landry/O.P. Walker College and Career Preparatory High School, Martin Berhman Charter School Academy of Creative Arts and Sciences and Dwight D. Eisenhower Academy of Global Studies currently qualify for transition to OPSB oversight. In order to qualify, a school must have been in the RSD for at least four years, have a 2012 school performance score of 80 or higher and a 2013 score of 54 or higher. Eighteen schools have been eligible for the switch in the past three years, but to date none has decided to do so.

Last year, Eisenhower, Berhman and O.P. Walker, before it’s merger with L.B. Landry, qualified for return to the OPSB, though the board ultimately voted to stay under RSD oversight.

Two former ACSA schools, Edna Karr High School and Alice M. Harte Charter School have returned to OPSB oversight, though through different means.

Under the requirements of the schools’ unique Type 4 charter, OPSB opted not to renew its management contract with ACSA, drawing the schools back under their direct control. Harte and Karr are currently managed by the InspireNOLA charter management organization and overseen by the Orleans Parish School Board.