Lusher Charter School teachers will get a onetime bonus once money arrives from the state, the school’s board of directors was told at a meeting Saturday.

The money is based on Lusher’s enrollment as of Oct. 1. The board was told that the size of the bonuses for  certified-classroom teachers is not yet known.

Also at the board meeting, Bourgeois Bennett LLC, a locally-owned regional accounting firm, presented a clean financial audit for the school.

The school currently has its accounts with the Whitney Bank, but  members of the board decided they want to explore other local banks for checking and savings accounts and certificates of deposit.

Board members also discussed concerns about the new Common Core standards. Board members said their main concern is the use of computers with the testing. They are worried that students might not have the full grasp of using certain technologies when completing a test.

The meeting lasted approximately 90 minutes. Fourteen board members were present. The next board meeting is scheduled for Dec. 7 at Lusher Charter School at 10 a.m.