As many New Orleans charter operators begin to look to Baton Rouge as a site for future schools, the Algiers Charter Schools Association announced it is drafting a strategic plan to carry them forward, including the possibility of operating schools outside Orleans Parish.

ACSA CEO Adrian Morgan said Wednesday night that the group is drafting two strategic plans, “for the ACSA we have today and the one we may have tomorrow… as we look forward to possibly existing outside of New Orleans.”

ACSA’s board of directors was scheduled to meet Wednesday night, but did not have a quorum. The board did not vote on any matters.

Other goals in the drafted plans include schools with a school performance score of at least 90, and a focus on community, a great experience and leadership. Morgan hopes to finalize the plans at the end of the school year.

Mary Laurie, the principal at L.B. Landry-O. Perry Walker College and Career Preparatory High School,  said, “If and when we make that move out [of the New Orleans area], the time is now. It’s a very exciting time.”

Board chair Colin Brooks announced that there has been little change on the state of the Martin Behrman Charter School Academy of Creative Arts and Sciences. The school is considering remodeling its current location or moving to a new one. Brooks said the school is still looking at a property on Opelousas Avenue.

Dr. Wylene Sorapuru, the chief academic officer for ACSA, reported that in lieu of an academic committee meeting last month, the committee hosted an informational session on Common Core standards for parents. About 10 parents attended.

The board may announce an additional meeting Friday afternoon to approve the contract for BAMM Communications, which handles advertisement for the schools. Board members Dee Fuchs, Colin Brooks, and James Henderson were present.