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New charter’s enrollment reaches 122

Homer A. Plessy Community School, a charter school in its first year of operation, had 122 students enrolled as of Oct. 1.

Melissa Fox, of 4th Sector Solutions Inc,  announced the enrollment figures at a meeting of Plessy’s board Monday night. 4th Sector provides Plessy with business and financial services.

Fox reported 16 second graders, 23 first graders and 31 kindergarteners. In addition, there were 52 preschoolers enrolled.

The Oct. 1 enrollment for students  determines the funding  the school will get via the state’s minimum foundation program.

Fox also reported that the school is having difficulty with food services collection and ensuring that parents are paying.

Two weeks ago the outstanding balance on food payments was $3,000. Board treasurer Nigel Fields proposed that the board develop a policy that allows only a small balance – $50 or less –  to carry over from month to month for students who are paying for food services. The board decided that a policy will be written and the finance committee will discuss it at its next meeting.

Fox also reported that the school needs to focus on fundraising since there was a lack of funding at start-up.

Board president Ben McLeish urged the board members to have conversations with stakeholders to solicit donations.

“We have a need for the funds,” McLeish said. “We can tell donors to invest in something special that will change a child’s life.”

At the same meeting, the board elected new officers: McLeish as president, Jackson Knowles as vice president, Fields as treasurer and Brooke Muntean as secretary.

The meeting lasted approximately an hour. Board members Michael Pizzolatto, Randy Hutchison*, Bob Brian, Fields, Muntean and McLeish were present. The next board meeting is scheduled for Nov. 4 at Homer A. Plessy Community School.

Clarification: This story originally said the school had enrolled 70 students, but that didn’t include include 52 pre-kindergarten students.

*Correction: Randy Hutchison’s name was misspelled in an earlier version of this story. (Nov. 14, 2013)

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  • nickelndime

    How much is 4th Sector Solutions Inc. charging for business and financial services? This is already ridiculous and it is only October! And what is this charter nonprofit doing to ensure that students who qualify for free or reduced lunch are being properly coded (data wise), and their lunches and breakfasts are being paid (for) instead of running up a tab for parents? What is the OPSB (as the charter authorizer) doing to ensure that this charter school does not operate in the red (i.e., operates within its funding structure – 70 MFP-funded students) instead of starting with the fundraising pitches. Alright, already! I am just wondering why Michael Pizzolatto retired from the French Market Corporation and is spending all his time on this charter $chool?! But then, there wouldn’t have been a new OPSB charter school without Deputy Superintendent Padian putting it under their greedy (but not so smart) noses.