The Better Choice Foundation held a public hearing Saturday to discuss the annual budget for Mary Dora Coghill Accelerated Charter School. Since only three members of the school board attended the meeting, there was no quorum and no items were voted.

Though the school board had initially approved a budget for 600 students, the budget presented at the public hearing had been altered to reflect budgeting for 580 students. Principal Aisha Jones explained that “the numbers changed because we had to back out the pre-K kids. We don’t get the same amount (in state funding) for them. So instead of doing a budget based on 600, we did it on 20 less.”

One member of the public who attended the board meeting, Shawon Bernard, asked about the board’s plans for fundraising for the school, 4617 Mirabeau Ave.

Jones said the board would focus on fundraisers and donations the next fiscal year.

Board President Keith Barney authorized the administration to submit the budget to the state.

“What we’ll do is if the state has any adjustments or concerns they’ll contact us and then we’ll make adjustments based on that. And the state has had it for some time. They’ve had it since July 31 and they haven’t contacted us with anything,” Barney said.