Miller-McCoy Academy for Mathematics and Business presented its proposed budget for the 2013-14 school year at a public hearing Monday.

The proposed budget projects total expenses at $4,329,014.  The majority of revenue will be from government funding allocated on a per-pupil basis.  The school will receive roughly $1.8 million in such funding from local sources and $1.9 million from state sources, board chairman Michael Todd said.

The per-pupil revenue is based on a projected enrollment of 400 students in grades 6-12 by Oct. 1.  The school has roughly 315 students enrolled now, CEO Andrea Thomas-Reynolds said, but the school expects more  by Oct. 1. Per-pupil funding is based on enrollment as of Oct. 1.

Last year’s budget had projected a net asset loss of $136,758, but the school finished the year with a gain of $25,124 instead.

The school has $378,050 in net assets to start the 2013-14 school year.  The school will take monthly losses in the first few months of the school year, but can use net assets to cover deficits, Todd said.  The school expects to finish the year with net asset gains of $1,958, said Todd.

Miller-McCoy Academy is shifting its curricular focus from Louisiana standards to Common Core in English Language Arts and math this year.

“This year one of the biggest expense items has been common core for ELA and math,” said Thomas-Reynolds.  “For next year we will have the same expenses with science and social studies.” All schools are expected to be aligned with common core standards in Louisiana to prepare for state assessments in core subjects in the 2014-15 school year. “Most schools had started [shifting] last year,” said Todd.

Funding from the state also will depend on the school’s performance on Charter School Performance Compact indicators, a state initiative designed “to provide charter school operators and boards with clear expectations, fact-based oversight, and timely feedback while ensuring charter autonomy.”

The board will ratify the budget at a public meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday at the school.

Thomas-Reynolds also noted that the school will continue its “Breakfast with Lions” program on mornings of board meetings at 9:30 am at the school.  The program is intended to introduce juniors and seniors to a member of the board and someone from the community to talk about their career experiences.  This month, board-member Blake Oakes and Circle Food Store owner  Dwayne Boudreaux will attend, Todd said.