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New principal named at Miller-McCoy Academy

Eric Greely Sr. has been named the new principal of Miller-McCoy Academy.

Eric Greely Sr.

Miller-McCoy Academy

Eric Greely Sr.

Greely is a Louisiana native who recently returned to the eastern New Orleans area after relocating to St. Louis, Mo., after Hurricane Katrina. Greely worked as the assistant principal of Liberty High School in St. Louis for the past five years.

Greely makes the third principal to work at Miller-McCoy in the past year after founding principals Tiffany Hardrick and Keith Sanders left last fall.

“Mr. Greely brings experience as an educator, school leader and corporate executive to Miller-McCoy Academy,” Michael Todd, chairman of the school’s board of directors, said in a press release. “He will be able to lead young men in the values espoused by Kelly Miller and Elijah McCoy – the school’s namesakes, who made groundbreaking contributions to the fields of mathematics and business/entrepreneurship.”

Greely’s appointment was announced at the board meeting Monday night.

At the meeting, the board also voted to enter into negotiations with L&R Security New Orleans, a contract they hope will lower the cost of having New Orleans Police on campus to help with behavior issues. The board also voted to allow Todd and board treasurer David Bailey to make a decision on a new health-care provider, maintenance company and transportation provider and bring their choices to the board for ratification at next month’s meeting.

During the finance committee meeting before the meeting of the full board, committee members met with Chadrick Kennedy, senior vice president of The Kennedy Financial Group, who provided a breakdown of different health care plans from various carriers. Kennedy suggested the board approve a contract with BlueCross BlueShield’s BlueConnect HMO Plan.

The plan costs $3,504.52 per employee for 45 employees. The plan would almost exclusively utilize a “limited network” of services at Ochsner Health System in order to keep costs down.  The plan also would include dental and vision insurance and would require staff to pay out of pocket for dependent coverage.

“It’s about getting the best teachers and getting them here. If that means spending a little more on a competitive plan, I say we go for it,” Greely said.

The board also voted to approve their meeting schedule for the upcoming year, continuing to meet on the fourth Monday of every month.

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  • nickelndime

    Miller-McCoy Academy: Experience without credentials?!! Again and again, this happens at one charter school after another. This is not a personal attack on Mr. Greely. These nonprofit charter boards are a mess. “Mr. Greely brings experience as an educator, school leader and corporate executive to Miller-McCoy Academy,” Michael Todd, chairman of the school’s board of directors, said in a press release. Mr. Greely does not hold a valid Louisiana “teaching” certificate. Mr. Greely’s “General Areas(s) Of Certification” are: (315) BUSINESS EDUCATION SUBJECTS, Grade(s):6-12, 7/10/2006″ and he has a “Level 1” Louisiana Teaching Certificate which is NOT VALID (expired in 2009). He has multiple TEPs and one TAT (Temporary Authority to Teach), which allowed him to work in the classroom (“teach”), all of which expired years ago. Okay, “THE LENS” – The guy looks good and you believed all the hype that the board president handed out in a press release and you didn’t catch this before printing. I think it’s another charter school mistake. Does anybody care? And for this lack of credentials, Mr. Greely will be paid an annual salary of how much? Miller-McCoy Academy is not that strong academically (and there were testing issues/alleged cheating – “THE LENS”). So what does the board do? Mr. Greely is no longer at Liberty High School in St. Louis. This is New Orleans. Co-founders Hardrick and Sanders “had to leave” this RSD school under suspicious financial circumstances. However, looking at the charter school landscape in this country, Hardrick and Sanders probably opened up a new charter school in another state or were hired as superintendents somewhere. I am not joking!