Andrew H. Wilson Charter School principal Logan Crowe summarized the school’s most recent testing data during the governing board’s May meeting.

Crowe indicated some disappointment with the results and said that the school is implementing a number of strategies to help students and teachers as they move forward to meet new Common Core State Standards criteria.

State results show that the percentages of the school’s fourth graders scoring at basic level or above on the LEAP test was 57 percent in English language arts, 31 percent in math, 30 percent in science and 32 percent in social studies.

Eighth-graders did a little better with 65 percent performing at basic or above in English language arts, 43 percent in math, 50 percent in science and 56 percent in social studies.

Test results on the iLeap showed similar trends with the percentages students scoring basic or above in English was 47 percent in third grade, 75 percent in fifth grade, 60 percent in sixth grade and 45 percent in seventh grade. In math, the percentages of students scoring basic and above were 52 percent in third grade, 64 percent in fifth grade, 53 percent in sixth grade and 49 percent in seventh grade.

There will be summer remediation for students, where they will re-teach the skills the students need based on the core curriculum and the assessments. Crowe said educators are looking closely at data, including student and teacher growth. The administration is working with partners on specific instructional strategies, as well as looking at staffing and moving some staff around. They are also restructuring the interventions and bringing in heavier reading interventions to be applied to more students and math interventions, which are needed the most.

“We now know more about what the expectations are and what we need to do, now its implementation,” said vice principal Ronicka Briscoe during the meeting. “The standards and expectations shift and what do you do to make up for the gap? Our kids struggled.”

“As a school we’re doing everything we can, we’re bringing in experts,” Crowe said during the meeting. “We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

Board member and finance chair Kristyna Jones gave a report on finances; saying that there is nothing glaring and the budget looks good. The surplus is still intended to be added to the reserve and meet state requirements. The school planned a June 4 public hearing during which they presented the budget.

During the Mayt 28 meeting, the board discussed recruitment for new members. According to board president David Winkler-Schmit, the board is looking for people who can contribute to the diverse board with skills in education, finance and LEAP.

Previous development chair Stephen Tremaine stepped down from the position, so James Baker was named the new chair.

Also during the administrative report, Darius Munchak, director of finance and operations said that there is even more money that could be added to the reserve due to a Louisiana Supreme Court ruling on voucher funding. Officials expect an additional $65,000 for May and June, which means a total of $130,000 can go into the reserve fund.

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 p.m. with members Juanita Chenevert, James Baker, David Winkler-Schmit, Eric Griggs, Kristyna Jones, and Nancy Marshall. Absent members were Derek Rabb, Stephen Tremaine, and Sharon Augillard. The meeting adjourned at 7:38 p.m.