Andrew H. Wilson Charter School board appointed a new member to serve on its nine-person board.

Board president David Winkler-Schmit said James Baker was selected because he has been a Broadmoor community member for about 30 years and is an experienced project manager and has strong education connections through his wife, who is a school principal.

The Broadmoor Charter School Board voted at its March 26 meeting to approve Baker’s appointment. Baker took his seat at the board table immediately following the vote.

Other business at the meeting included reports from the board president, as well as reports from other board members regarding finance, academic excellence, board governance, and fundraising.

The board voted to accept the financial report for the year. Winkler-Schmit commented on the organization’s annual audit, which showed the school to have a $400,000 deficit. Wilson is working on the finances, he said, and is in a much better place than previous years.

The board has also charged David Schlakman with helping the school’s fundraising efforts. *The school is hoping to create a strong network of alumni to hopefully assist. Opened in 1922, Wilson has a long history. Leaders say they hope to reach out to that large network using press releases, the website, and social media.

A group of teachers are planning to take 20 to 25 fifth- and sixth-graders to Washington, D. C. in April 2014, in a project they are calling “Wilson to Washington.” A teacher told the board about the project, sharing a timeline and a few fundraising ideas.

Principle Logan Crowe reported that the school currently has 630 students. Attendance for February was 92.4 percent and teacher attendance for February was 97.5 percent. Suspensions are down from last month, but still higher than the previous school year, he said.

Crowe also talked about the Center for Restorative Approach Partnership, a project that aims to reduce violence in New Orleans middle schools and high schools. Crowe said he hopes the program will lower suspension numbers.

Crowe also said the school is still awaiting repairs to damage from water intrusion. Work on the building started on Nov. 12, but has not been completed, he said.

Members of the board who were present for the meeting were Sharon Augillard, Juanita Chenevert, Stephen Tremaine, David Winkler-Schmit, and new member James Baker. Member Eric Griggs was late. Kristyna Jones, Nancy Marshall, Duane Nettles and Derek Rabb were absent.

The board went into executive session at 7:34 p.m. regarding a personnel matter and prospective litigation, though members did not disclose what that litigation entailed. The general meeting was adjourned at 8:08 p.m. The next meeting of the board is April 30.

*Correction: Wilson opened in 1922. An earlier version of this story included the wrong year.